Go Serverless with IBM Cloud Functions

What is Serverless computing?

Is there no server or a process at all? Nah!

What is OpenWhisk?

  • OpenWhisk takes care of low-level details such as scaling, load balancing, logging, fault tolerance, and message queues.
  • OpenWhisk provides a rich ecosystem of building blocks from various domains (analytics, cognitive, data, IoT, etc.).
  • OpenWhisk is open and designed to support an open community.
  • OpenWhisk supports an open ecosystem that allows sharing microservices via OpenWhisk packages.
  • OpenWhisk allows developers to compose solutions using modern abstractions and chaining.
  • OpenWhisk supports multiple runtimes including NodeJS, Swift, and arbitrary binary programs encapsulate in Docker containers.
  • OpenWhisk charges only for code that runs.

Getting Started with OpenWhisk

The OpenWhisk model consists of three concepts:

  • action, an event handler — some code that runs in response to an event, and
  • rule, an association between a trigger and an action.

Develop in your Browser

Try out IBM Cloud Functions (PaaS offering) in your Browser to create actions, automate actions using triggers, and explore public packages. Visit the learn more page for a quick tour of the OpenWhisk User Interface.

Develop using the CLI

You can use the OpenWhisk command line interface (CLI) to set up your namespace and authorization key. Go to Configure CLI and follow the instructions to install it.

Using the Cloud-Functions Plugin with Bluemix CLI

After you have configured your environment, you can begin using the OpenWhisk CLI to do the following:

OpenWhisk Internals



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